Replacement Key Service

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    Replacement Key Service

    Keys and locks always come as a pair.

    A key allows access to a room or property.

    Meanwhile, a lock provides security to prevent burglars, robbers, and trespassers from attempting to enter your home.

    Now, we will talk about keys in particular.

    As surprising as it may seem, you are not the only one who loses keys all the time.

    As locksmith professionals, we constantly receive calls for help from individuals who lose their keys.

    With the key’s small form, it can fall out of your pocket and reach the narrowest spaces.

    Or a thief could be responsible for its disappearance.

    No matter what the reason is, losing your key is a nuisance you don’t want to experience.

    Luckily, if you live in Vaughan, you can call for the key experts of Vaughans Locksmith.

    Our residential locksmith provides bespoke replacement key services without limits.

    When Do You Need Replacement Key Services?

    It is a given that when you lose your key, you need to replace it.

    However, if you doubt that a thief stole your key, then you need to consider lock rekeying or changing both your locks and keys.

    Again, losing a key can happen to anyone.

    It can be stressful, but you can always rely on Vaughans Locksmith.

    Our residential locksmith will conduct replacement key services at your request.

    But aside from a lost key, when are the other times you need replacement key services?

    Damaged key

    A key can get damaged due to everyday use or improper care.

    Especially if it is made out of a low-quality material, it can easily break sooner than expected.

    Moreover, it is also prone to rust when exposed to constant moisture.

    A corroded key can affect how it fits into the lock, which can result in damages.

    So, take care of your keys at all times.

    And if it is too late, Vaughans locksmith got your back.

    We can replace your damaged keys with the same quality or even better.

    Our residential locksmith uses durable materials and faultless procedures to duplicate a key.

    Broken key stuck in the lock

    Sometimes, a key can get stuck inside the lock while you are trying to unlock a door.

    May it be from too much force or lack of lubricant, it can break unexpectedly.

    Extracting the broken key requires an advanced extractor machine to avoid damages to your lock’s mechanism.

    Furthermore, a broken key needs replacement right away.

    Key extraction and replacement key services are what we do best.

    Vaughans Locksmith has the most advanced tools and equipment to finish the task at hand flawlessly.

    Moving to an old house

    If you are moving to a new house, you should consider rekeying its locks.

    Key rekeying is the process of changing the lock’s pins to prevent the old keys from accessing your property.

    It is a security measure you should do to ensure the safety of you and your family in your newly purchased home.

    Along with lock rekeying, you should also get its matching key by getting the replacement key services of Vaughans Locksmith.

    Our residential locksmith can conduct lock rekeying and create the corresponding keys for your locks.

    Comprehensive Locksmith Services in Vaughan

    We are the leading locksmith company in Vaughan.

    Our key specialists can undoubtedly conduct replacement key services fault-free.

    Aside from residential locksmith services, we also have commercial and auto locksmith services customized to your needs.

    Our comprehensive locksmith services in Vaughan include

    Ask our friendly staff for a specific key or lock issue.

    We will respond right away if we can render the service you need.

    Our residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, and auto locksmith are 24/7 available here in Vaughan.

    So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    So, we continue to develop our services by attending advanced training and innovative locksmith workshops.

    With us, your safety from burglars and intruders is our priority.

    We make sure that our installation and repair processes are at the highest quality possible.

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