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    Key Cutting Service In Vaughan

    Spare keys are great measures to prevent you from lockouts.

    When you have a spare key hidden in your property, at least you have another option to open your locks.

    Duplicate keys allow you peace of mind in case of emergencies.

    The service for you to get key duplicates for spare keys is called key cutting.

    It’s a small cost to pay, so you have a backup if you lose your keys and need to access the locks.

    Vaughans Locksmith offers key cutting service in Vaughan, so you can get your keys replicated at any time.

    You don’t need to walk around without a spare key that saves you from house lockouts.

    If you keep a spare somewhere safe on your property, it will solve your constant lockout problems.

    If you don’t remember things well, you can leave the spare key with someone you trust so that you can always open your locks.

    Things don’t need to result in complications if you have preventive measures available.

    A duplicate key is also not as expensive as getting lockout services.

    Lessen the damages to your locks by getting other ways to open them.

    This is a way to prevent more expensive services from opening your locks.

    Invest in backup measures that make your home more accessible to you.

    A spare key can spare you the trouble of a stubborn lock.

    How does a key cutting service work?

    To get a successful key cutting service, you need the original key first.

    It’s best to get spare keys when your original key is still with you.

    If you lose your original keys before getting a spare, a key cutting won’t benefit you.

    The efficacy of a spare key lessens when you do a copy of a copy.

    Duplicate keys are made using a machine that cuts a blank key that replicates the original.

    The key duplicator has two slots for a blank key and the original.

    A locksmith aligns them, and the key cutting begins.

    A blade begins cutting the blank key in the shape of the original key.

    The process ends when the locksmiths are sanding the spare key for a better-polished look.

    The reason you need to use the original key for every duplication is to gain accuracy.

    Keys need to be closer to the original to be more effective duplicates in the blank.

    What are the benefits of getting a professional key cutting service?

    Getting a key cutting service in Vaughan has benefits.

    You still need professional service to get accurate spare keys.

    But more than the spare keys, there are other advantages to getting an essential service.

    Safe duplications

    The issue with key duplications often revolves around safety and privacy.

    You wouldn’t want to get a spare copy of keys that are open to anybody.

    Instead of feeling safe, you’ll feel like anybody can have access to your keys.

    You can witness safe duplications by being around during the process.

    Your comfort and safety in a sensitive matter are one of our priorities in the service.

    Affordable service

    A key cutting service is an affordable option to get spare keys.

    If you’re locked out and decide to get a lock replacement or other kind of lock service, it will cost more.

    You’ll spend on the service plus the new locks that you need to install.

    If you have invested in high-end locks, taking them apart can garner some damages that need other repair services.

    Key cutting service cost less than lock replacements.


    Many lock services can take a lot of time, depending on the complexity of the locks.

    A key cutting service in Vaughan won’t take a lot of your time.

    You will have the spare keys in a matter of minutes.

    Our locksmiths can give you the duplicates in under an hour.

    We have a lot of experience in providing fast and efficient services to produce your spare keys.

    Where can you get your spare keys?

    Vaughans Locksmith can help you get your spare keys in a short amount of time.

    You don’t need to wait long to have additional safety measures for your locks.

    We are available in Vaughan, and our expertise in key cutting can guarantee your spare in a matter of minutes.

    Contact us for your inquiries and book a job with us.

    We have residential locksmiths and commercial locksmiths available for you.

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