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    A locksmith is a skilled individual who can work with keys and locks so that uninvited guests cannot enter your home.

    As most houses’ security systems continue to develop, there is an increasing demand for locksmith services.

    And as the house owner, it is your responsibility to have a trusted local locksmith near you.

    Here in Vaughan, Vaughans Locksmith is your one call away friend for any locksmith services.

    Our team in Vaughan has the expertise and knowledge to offer bespoke and quality craftsmanship.

    Key Duplication and Replacement

    Believe it or not, getting locked out of the house is a common occurrence.

    Preparing a spare key can get you out of this struggle.

    There’s nothing more reassuring than having a backup in case of emergency.

    If you are a resident in Vaughan, then you are in luck.

    Vaughans Locksmith offers excellent key duplication or replacement with durable and quality materials.

    Moreover, we have the necessary machine to duplicate almost all kinds of keys.

    Even if you don’t have the original key, we can create a new key by analyzing the patterns on your lock.

    Also, our auto locksmith offers more affordable key replacement than the car dealership.

    Car dealerships charge overhead expenses for a key duplication or replacement.

    Thus, for the same quality with a much more affordable price, an auto locksmith is the right one for the job.

    Electronic Lock Installation

    Nowadays, homeowners upgrade their lock mechanism from manual to automatic.

    It adds more security and convenience.

    There are three most commonly used electronic locks these days.

    First, the electronic keypad utilizes passcodes to open the door.

    Second, a biometric lock requires fingerprint recognition.

    Lastly, the smart card lock, which is common in hotels, needs to scan a card to access the room.

    No matter what kind of electronic lock you need, it requires a skilled local locksmith.

    Vaughans Locksmith can professionally install electronic locks at your request.

    With years of experience at our backs, we can install and program them flawlessly.

    Door and Window Lock Repair

    Door and windows have locks to secure your property from robbers.

    However, due to everyday use and stress, they can break at some point.

    Before planning to replace them, it is essential to ask a local locksmith to assess the damage.

    In this way, you can save from replacing them entirely.

    Repair is much more affordable than buying new locks and installing them.

    Here at Vaughans Locksmith, our lock technicians are experts in fault-finding.

    We can detect even the tiniest damage and repair it right away.


    Rekeying is the process of changing the lock pins to prevent the old key from accessing the lock.

    Instead of completely changing the lock, changing its lock pins is much more affordable.

    After rekeying, you should also request its matching key.

    Your local locksmith can rekey all of the locks to a single master key.

    In this way, you can avoid carrying around multiple keys.

    Furthermore, if you are a car owner who lost your key, get an auto locksmith to rekey your ignition lock.

    Extensive Choices of Locksmith Services in Vaughan

    We are very proud as one of the best local locksmiths in Vaughan.

    However, unlike others who have limited services, we offer extensive choices of locksmith services in Vaughan.

    We can conduct the following services

    Aside from residential locksmith and car locksmith, we also have a commercial locksmith who attends to business establishments’ needs.

    Thus, you don’t have to worry about the security of your business anymore since we got your back.

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    For years, we have catered to thousands of Vaughan residents.

    Our regular clients enjoy some perks and privileges whenever they need our services.

    Expect us to deliver our locksmith services at the highest quality.

    We are available 24 hours a week and 7 times a day.

    So don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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