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    Eviction Locksmith Services Every Property Manager Needs

    Evictions are complex and difficult processes. One essential factor is the locksmith’s role. Let’s explore the cost of eviction locksmith services in Vaughan.

    Locksmith’s Role in Eviction

    A locksmith plays a crucial role during evictions. They are professionals who change locks to secure properties post-eviction. This task is important to avoid re-entry by the evicted party.

    Factors Influencing the Cost

    The cost of eviction locksmith services in Vaughan can vary significantly. Here are some factors that influence it:

    Type of Lock

    Different locks require different levels of expertise. A high-security lock might cost more to change than a standard one.

    Time of Service

    Locksmith services are usually more expensive after hours. If the eviction happens at night or on a weekend, 24-7 locksmith services may charge more.


    The service location also affects the cost. Locksmiths might charge extra for distant or hard-to-reach locations.


    The immediacy of the service can also influence the cost. Urgent services often come with higher fees.

    Additional Services

    Additional services, such as rekeying locks, could add to the overall cost.

    Average Cost in Vaughan

    On average, the cost of eviction locksmith services in Vaughan ranges between $100-$200. However, remember that the exact cost can vary based on the aforementioned factors.

    Importance of Hiring a Professional

    Evictions are sensitive situations. Hence, hiring a trusted locksmith is crucial. A professional can ensure the job is done right, maintaining the security of your property.

    People Also Ask

    How often should I rekey the locks on my property?

    Rekeying frequency depends on various factors. Generally, it’s recommended to rekey business locks after an employee leaves or at least once a year.

    How do I find a reliable eviction locksmith service in Vaughan?

    Research, customer reviews, and recommendations are key. Look for a local locksmith with good reviews and proven experience in eviction services.

    What other services do eviction locksmiths offer?

    Aside from changing locks, eviction locksmiths may offer services like installing high-security locks or door closer installation.

    Is it necessary to change locks after eviction?

    Yes, it’s recommended. Changing locks prevents unauthorized access, ensuring the security of the property post-eviction.


    Eviction locksmith services are an essential part of securing a property post-eviction. Remember, the cost of such services in Vaughan can vary based on multiple factors. Always prioritize hiring a professional to ensure proper execution and maintain your property’s security.

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