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    If you’ve ever found yourself locked out, you know the importance of an emergency locksmith. But how much does an emergency locksmith service cost in Maple, Vaughan? We’re here to provide a transparent breakdown of these costs, so you’re never caught off guard.

    The Cost of Locksmith Services

    Emergency locksmith services can vary widely in cost, depending on several factors. Let’s discuss the most common services offered and their associated costs.

    Lockout Services

    One of the most requested locksmith services is for lockouts. Whether you’re locked out of your car, home, or business, our lockout service in Vaughan is available 24/7. You can expect to pay between $50-$150, depending on the complexity of the lock and the time of day.

    Lock Change and Rekeying

    Changing or rekeying a lock is another common service. Rekeying involves changing the inner workings of the lock so that the old key no longer works. This typically costs between $20-$30 per lock, not including the service call fee.

    Key Cutting and Fob Programming

    If you’ve lost your keys, key cutting service is often needed. This service typically costs between $5-$20 per key. For more advanced keys like a key fob, fob programming may be necessary, which can range from $50-$100.

    Broken Key Extraction

    Extracting a broken key from a lock can be a delicate operation. Our locksmiths know how to get a broken key out of a lock without causing damage, usually costing between $50-$200 depending on the complexity.

    Why Choose Us?

    When it comes to locksmith services in Maple, Vaughan, we pride ourselves on being the top choice for many reasons. Here are just a few:

    • 24/7 Availability: Our 24-hour locksmith service ensures you’re never left stranded, regardless of the time of day or night.
    • Qualified and Trusted: We’re a team of trained professionals who know how to find a top trusted locksmith in Vaughan.
    • Transparent Pricing: We offer clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
    • Quick Response Time: We understand that when you need a locksmith, time is of the essence. We guarantee a swift response to get you back to your routine as quickly as possible.

    People Also Ask

    How often should I rekey my locks?

    Businesses in Vaughan should consider rekeying their locks every few years, or whenever key control is lost due to employee turnover or lost keys.

    What if my key is stuck in the lock?

    Don’t panic. A locksmith can extract a broken key from a lock without causing further damage.

    How can I prevent getting locked out of my car?

    Keeping a spare key and ensuring your key fob battery is always charged are just a couple of ways to prevent locking your child or yourself in a car.

    Can a locksmith open a smart lock?

    Yes, locksmiths are trained in traditional and modern locks, including how to replace a door lock with a smart lock.

    Knowing the costs of emergency locksmith services is essential to avoid surprises. In Maple, Vaughan, we strive to offer these services at affordable prices, with the assurance of quality and reliability. When it comes to your security, don’t compromise – choose a trusted locksmith service.

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