Master Key Lock System

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    Master Key Lock System

    Isn’t it bothersome to own different sets of keys that you need to bring everywhere?

    Every time you leave your house, you’ll have to grab your house keys, car keys, office keys, and other keys you might need throughout the day.

    Not only are these keys noisy to carry around, but they are also inconvenient and stressful to use.

    If you’re a homeowner faced with this kind of problem, a master key lock system could be beneficial to you.

    If you plan to adopt a master key lock system, call Vaughans Locksmith.

    Our team will rekey your locks correctly and efficiently the first time.

    We have expert residential locksmiths who can assess and ensure the security of your lock system.

    Aside from that, we also have commercial and auto locksmiths.

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    What’s in a Master Key Lock System?

    When you adopt this security system for your home, there will be levels of access in your property.

    The non-master key, also known as sub-master key or change key, is the one with the least access to your place.

    This key is only used to unlock a specific lock inside your home, such as your front door.

    The master key, on the other hand, gives you more access since it can unlock different locks inside your home.

    In some cases, more commonly in commercial settings, there can also be a grand master key and a great grandmaster key.

    These key systems can access the lower master key lock systems you have.

    Advantages of Having a Master Key Lock System

    A lot of homeowners find a master key lock system convenient and beneficial.

    This system allows you to unlock multiple locks using a single key, yet each lock has its own key.

    Thus, you can use the master key to operate a lock, if you lose its specific key.

    One main advantage of this is convenience.

    You no longer have to keep or bring with you plenty of keys, since you can just bring the master key.

    Additionally, you won’t be stressed looking for the specific key to a particular lock.

    High Security Level with a Master Key Door Lock System

    Another advantage of a master key lock system is the increased security and control it can give you.

    Having this system allows you to control and restrict people who can access the areas inside your home or property.

    So, if only you have a copy of the master key, then you’ll solely have access to all the locks in your house.

    And, you can give other people a copy of the key to certain areas only.

    Aside from these, a master lock system is also reliable and invulnerable to burglar attacks.

    You can build your master key on a restricted keyway, so that no one can easily duplicate it without your permission.

    You can also track your master keys through its serial number.

    That way, you’ll be able to identify the master key holders and how many copies of your master key exist.

    Furthermore, if a copy of your key has fallen in the wrong hands, you can rekey your locks depending on the key that’s been lost.

    Suppose you lost a specific key to one of your locks, then you will only need to rekey that lock.

    On the other hand, if you lost the master key, then you should rekey your master locks immediately, and obtain a new master key.

    You won’t need to rekey and change the non-master keys, thereby saving you money and time to replace the non-master keys that your family members have.

    Secure Your Home in Vaughan With Master Key Lock Systems

    To ensure that your security lock system at home is optimal, you should hire expert locksmiths to help you.

    At Vaughans Locksmith, we specialize in installing master key lock systems in residential and commercial establishments.

    We can help you increase your building security through our reliable and fool-proof lock systems.

    We can also rekey your locks efficiently if there is a security breach in your house.

    To avail of our residential locksmith and commercial locksmith services, simply dial our local number.

    Our team will immediately provide you with your locksmith needs within the hour.

    We also offer auto locksmith services for car owners.

    Call us now, and let us handle your home security in Vaughan.

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