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    Safety and security are paramount, especially when it concerns your property. Locks, which often go unnoticed, play a crucial role in safeguarding your home and belongings. But what happens when they malfunction? Enter the indispensable service of lock repair.

    Lock Repair Service Types and Costs in Vaughan

    The following table gives a detailed breakdown of the types of lock repair services and their associated costs in Vaughan.

    Service Type Average Cost (CAD) Description
    Basic Lock Repair $50 – $80 Minor fixes to traditional door locks.
    Rekeying 1 $75 – $100 Changing the lock so a new key can operate it.
    Broken Key Extraction 2 $60 – $90 Removal of broken keys from the lock mechanism.
    Smart Lock Repair 3 $90 – $150 Fixes and adjustments to digital or smart locks.
    High-Security Lock Repair 4 $100 – $200 Repairs on sophisticated, high-security lock systems.

    Why Choose Us?

    It’s natural to question why you should opt for our services among the plethora. So, here’s what makes us exceptional:

    1. Experienced Technicians: Our team comprises seasoned professionals. They’ve seen it all and fixed it all.
    2. Prompt Response: Time is crucial in emergencies. Hence, our 24/7 service ensures we’re always available 5.
    3. Advanced Equipment: We employ the latest tools, ensuring speedy and efficient service.
    4. Transparent Pricing: Our commitment is to honest, upfront pricing. No hidden charges, ever.

    Service Areas

    We’re proud to extend our exceptional services across various areas:

    • Vaughan
    • Maple
    • Concord
    • Kleinburg

    and many more within the region. If you’re unsure whether we service your area, just give us a call.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I consider rekeying my locks?

    It’s advised to consider rekeying after moving into a new house, losing your keys, or experiencing a burglary. Generally, every couple of years is prudent to ensure security 6.

    What’s the difference between rekeying and changing a lock?

    While rekeying involves adjusting the lock mechanism to fit a new key, changing a lock requires the entire lock system to be replaced 7.

    Can you help with keyless entry systems?

    Absolutely! We offer guidance, installation, and repair services for keyless entry systems 8.

    What if my key breaks inside the lock?

    Our team is skilled in broken key extraction. We’ll remove the broken piece without damaging the lock 2.


    In conclusion, securing your property is a paramount concern. With the myriad of lock options and potential issues that arise, it’s imperative to have a trusted partner on your side. That’s where we step in. From simple lock repairs to intricate smart lock issues, we’ve got you covered. For a seamless, reliable, and efficient lock repair service in Vaughan and the surrounding areas, we’re your go-to. Interested in knowing more or facing an emergency? Contact us and ensure your peace of mind today.


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