Our Guide To Lock Grades

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    Our Guide To Lock Grades

    Our Guide To Lock Grades

    There are millions of lock security brands around the world.

    Each company has its innovation and invention that target different needs for all kinds of settings.

    As such, you can’t compare the performance of all locks unless you try them.

    Furthermore, there are standards and regulations for locks that come anywhere.

    A lock is supposed to protect a place and many people.

    Its function is to provide security in its full capacity.

    You can’t just pick up a lock and then say it’s safe and it can protect unwanted people and invasion attempts.

    There are different kinds of locks and their grades to determine their qualities.

    You get a glimpse of how much the lock can protect you.

    We are Vaughans Locksmith, and we install locks from all grades and all brands.

    We have experience in handling different brands and mechanisms in the market.

    We offer lock services for locks that come from all grades.

    All locks have different levels of protection to offer for your home or business.

    No lock is too complicated to install well.

    Let this be our guide to lock grades.

    When you choose a lock, this can help you determine the type of lock you are looking for.

    We know you don’t want to compromise the door locks you have.

    ANSI and BHMA

    Manufacturers don’t just assign a grade to locks.

    The American National Standards Institute assesses and determines the grade of the locks in the market.

    The ANSI then collaborates with the Builder’s Hardware Manufacturers Association to assess the locks to provide the proper protection for homes and businesses.

    Locks grades are from the ANSI standards, and BHMA determines the level of the locks as a whole.

    There are criteria for choosing the grade of the locks.

    When the locks presented by businesses conform to the standard of necessary protection, they can launch the locks in the market.

    ANSI Grade 1 Lock

    A Grade 1 lock is the highest standard in locks for businesses.

    A Grade 1 lock is often synonymous with high-grade commercial security.

    With high traffic from people and exposure, a heavy-duty commercial lock needs to protect the business space from intruders.

    The term heavy-duty commercial lock only refers to the security it has to offer.

    You can always opt to install Grade 1 locks that are top-duty locks for residences and businesses.

    ANSI Grade 2 Lock

    A Grade 2 lock refers to a light commercial security level.

    It’s a middle point for residential locks and commercial locks.

    A Grade 2 lock passes the regulation for places like apartment complex buildings and high-rise residential locations.

    Many businesses have Grade 2 locks, but it is more appropriate to choose Grade 1 locks if commercial settings require more profound protection.

    Grade 2 locks don’t have the build as much as the heavy-duty protection of Grade 1 lock.

    ANSI Grade 3 Lock

    It may look like a Grade 3 lock isn’t durable compared to the two other grades.

    It is not necessarily the case.

    Lock grading systems often point out more the level of appropriateness of locks to a given setting.

    A Grade 3 lock can be as durable, but only to the secondary entrance in the area.

    You can choose to install Grade 1 locks within the household or the business space.

    Which lock grade should you choose?

    Deciding which locks to use for your entryways is difficult.

    Since there are many lock grades to choose from, you need to work with professional locksmiths.

    All locks have advantages and disadvantages depending on where you install them.

    They can tell you which locks to install in which place in the area.

    If you are looking to save some money, it’s best to plan and design your home security according to your needs.

    Contact us for your lock installation and lock upgrades. We are available in Vaughan.

    You need expert advice to know the kind of locks that will suit the protection you want.

    We have commercial locksmiths and residential locksmiths to help you decide and plan your security.

    You don’t have to pick the most expensive units and locking systems.

    The perfect combination of different grades of locks in your space can still guarantee a high level of security.

    We are Vaughans Locksmith, and we can work with you in keeping your space safe on a budget.

    Contact us for inquiries and booking appointments.

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