Reasons Your Car Key Isn’t Working

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    Reasons Your Car Key Isn’t Working

    Even the most avoided circumstances can happen to you at any time.

    One day, your car is functioning well, and you’re happily driving down to work.

    Then the next day, it’s as if the car key can’t drive your car.

    This can cause you a lot of anxiety and stress, especially when you’re out for work.

    It’s best to prepare for any cause of your car key’s demise.

    If you don’t know why your car key is acting out, there are possible reasons you can think about.

    There are big and small reasons your car key isn’t working.

    However, no matter what happens, know that Vaughans Locksmith is always prepared to help you.

    We offer our auto locksmiths, our professionals, to help you with a car key that doesn’t work.

    Having a malfunctioning key is stressful enough.

    We are here to offer reliable service in your time of need.

    Damaged car key or car lock

    Damages to the car lock can result in unresponsive keys.

    If you usually open the car locks using the key, there are several reasons for potential damages.

    First, the key can’t open all the locks.

    Second, the key can turn the lock, but it won’t open.

    Third, something is blocking the keyway, which results in a lock that you can’t open.

    Locks can harbor a lot of dust and debris, which builds up over time.

    On the other hand, if the key itself is prone to damages like an unexpected bend or gradual deformations from use.

    When this happens, you need to have a key replacement to open the locks.

    In both scenarios, you’ll need the help of an auto locksmith to attend to the damages.

    Faulty key copies

    It’s convenient to have a copy of car keys to assure backups in case of emergencies.

    Nevertheless, this can cause problems in the long run.

    One of the reasons your car key isn’t working is because it’s a copy.

    Constant duplication of the key can result in a key that is far from the original.

    Since an original goes through a lot, it will eventually wear out its original shape meant for the locks.

    Slight deviations all add up to give you a different key that can’t open the locks.

    It may open another car, but not the vehicle that you have.

    Issues with the ignition cylinder

    The ignition cylinder is prone to wear and tear as much as the car key itself.

    It is the key slot you use to start up the car.

    Issues with the ignition cylinder can point out much more significant problems within the car.

    The car key is perfectly fine, but it doesn’t mean that your car is in the best shape.

    A functional car key may only open the car door and trunk, but it won’t power the car.

    This event indicates that you have a car key that works but an ignition cylinder that doesn’t make it work.

    It’s best to schedule an inspection when this happens.

    Damaged key fob

    When you use the key fob to open the car, it uses energy from the batteries.

    If your key fob is not working, this is the most common cause.

    Most of the time, when the car is not responding to the commands, it’s dead.

    Replace the batteries and make sure to test them out afterward.

    However, damages are also pertinent in opening or closing your car.

    Internal impairments can result from dropping the key fob.

    It can also happen with accidents such as water submersions.

    Repairs are necessary to fix more complicated concerns with the key fob.

    Unprogrammed key fobs

    When you replace your key fobs, you need to integrate them back into your car.

    If you forget to do so, you’ll have a key fob that only opens or closes the car and trunk.

    Other features won’t be recognizable to your car’s communication system.

    An unprogrammed key fob can result in what may look like a malfunctioning car key.

    This isn’t the case, and you only need to pair it up with your vehicle again.

    Contact us to help you with your car keys!

    Car locks and car keys can also experience the same issues with door locks at home.

    If you are in an emergency, call Vaughans Locksmith.

    We have auto locksmiths in Vaughan to help you.

    A vehicle car key problem should not stress you out more than necessary with us in the area.

    Contact us in your time of urgent need; we will be there with you!

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