Tips To Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

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    Tips To Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

    Losing your car key can be very stressful, especially if you have no time to find it.

    It’s an inconvenience that can lead to missed appointments and delayed dates with other people.

    Nobody wants to experience losing a car key.

    As such, it is best to have helpful tips, so you don’t lose them.

    Simple methods that don’t need to be expensive can lessen the unpleasant occurrence.

    There are tips to avoid losing your car keys.

    You don’t have to experience a missing car key if you have preventive measures ready every day.

    Now, a missing key is easier to find with some tips to make it more traceable.

    Get a spare key

    The most accessible thing to do is get spare keys for the car.

    Go to your local locksmith like Vaughans Locksmith and ask for a duplication service to get an extra unit for your car keys.

    For auto locksmiths, a missing key or a misplaced car key is something common.

    You don’t need to feel bad about forgetting where you placed your keys.

    If you can’t find them, at least you have them ready in case it takes more time for you to figure out where you placed them.

    Don’t forget to set a reminder on your phone about the location of the spare key.

    Attach a Bluetooth finder

    A Bluetooth finder is a small device that tracks things at home.

    It is popular among small objects that are important in daily use but easy to lose.

    This device works with your phone, and it creates an alert to show you on the screen where you placed your car keys.

    Many Bluetooth finder devices are set to make a noise to alert the presence of nearby objects.

    It works the same with a device called a key tracker that uses your phone for key tracking.

    Now, you don’t need to lose the keys within your home.

    Tag the car keys to important objects

    Everybody has one thing or two things for daily use.

    Keys are one of the objects you use daily, so it’s best to attach them to another thing.

    Many opt to tag their keys with their smartphones or put them in phone case pockets.

    It’s a simple way, but it assures you that the car keys are nearby wherever your phone is.

    You can use a thin sling or a key ring to attach to the phone for easy location.

    It’s impossible to lose the keys if your phone is something you always have with you.

    Designate a place for keys

    Make a designated place for your keys at home.

    It doesn’t matter if you use an old bowl or a chipped plate; a special key container is helpful for key containment.

    You can build the habit of always putting the keys there after you open the door.

    You can pick up all your things, house keys and car keys and company ID, from the area in the morning.

    It’s a simple way to keep things in order in your household.

    It also costs you a small space on top of the table or countertop.

    Glow in the dark keys

    If you are not comfortable setting a space for the keys or attaching it to your phone, you can increase its visibility.

    Some glow-in-the-dark trackers can help you locate things in the dark.

    Glow in the dark sticker is a popular choice as luminous markers in the dark are convenient.

    Attach a sticker to your phone so that you don’t need to lose it in the dark.

    If you want to make things more orderly, do the same to other keys.

    Assign a different color for each type of key, so you get instant recognition from afar.

    Get your spare keys with us. We are available in Vaughan.

    We are Vaughans Locksmith, and we can help you get spare keys for your car.

    We know that you may have doubts and concerns about losing keys.

    Having a spare copy can result in a burglary attempt.

    The worst thing you can experience rather than losing a key is losing a car.

    You don’t have to worry as we provide safe and trusted service for your car keys.

    We want you to feel assurance and security as we make you a new spare.

    Contact us when you’re free so you can have one practical tips to avoid losing your car keys.

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