What Is Smart Lock? And Should I Install One?

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    What Is Smart Lock? And Should I Install One?

    Traditional keys front door locks make use of physical keys for lock and unlock functions.

    Innovations in door locks include a wider variety of features in locks and keys.

    The more conventional way of unlocking your door is putting a key into the keyhole.

    The next thing you do is twist the knob and unlock the door.

    Now, you can do that with the tap of your smartphone, thanks to smart lock technology.

    Convenience and utility have never been as easy before in home security.

    The trend in smart home integrations results in more accessible methods to keep the residence safe.

    Many homeowners still go for actual keys and locks.

    Others opt for a more integrated home security system that makes use of locks.

    No matter your choice, you can always choose to mix and match the locks in your home.

    It’s better to find a security system that works for you but doesn’t function.

    If you plan to upgrade your locks and update the keys, call professional locksmiths for the job.

    No matter what kind of lock it is, a smart lock or a conventional lock, expert installation should be a priority.

    The goal is to make your door locks last as long as possible.

    You can only do that by having experts like Vaughans Locksmith by your side for lock services.

    We will give you lock services for all kinds of locks you have at home.

    If you consider an upgrade to smart locks, it’s best to do some research first.

    What is a smart lock, and should you install one?

    The more features you find that suit your current living situation, the better your protection will be.

    What is a smart lock?

    A smart lock is a kind of lock that enables functions without the necessity for actual keys.

    Imagine having a home, but you can still control the locks inside with electronic devices.

    Remotes can perform your door functions from a distance, and you don’t need to waste time in your entryway.

    You can open the door even from a far distance.

    How is this possible?

    Smart locks are electronic devices that accept signals to function.

    The WIFI or Bluetooth enables the locks in your home, and there are electronic devices you can use to access it.

    The device acts as a remote so you can control the lock even if you are not at home.

    Even if you are at work, you can open the doors by using your smartphone to let people inside your household.

    You don’t need to be present to ensure that your home is safe, even if you let others in.

    You can monitor a lot of activity and the safety of your home.

    Why should you install a smart lock?

    The driving force of smart locks is convenience and functionality.

    By having integrated home locks and smartphones, you now have access to your locks.

    It’s more than just eliminating the need for an actual key that you can lose at any time.

    Remote access

    Distance doesn’t matter when you have smart locks at home.

    When you are in your car, carrying groceries and things in your hands, it can be challenging to open the door.

    Smart locks eliminate this inconvenience for you.

    You don’t need to fumble around with your keys.

    The remote controls the door to open even if you’re still inside the car.

    Unnecessary key duplicate

    Access is always the central issue in households.

    It’s a bit of a compromise to safety if everybody in your family has actual keys.

    One lost key can result in a home invasion.

    Key duplicates aren’t necessary with a smart lock.

    24/7 notifications

    Monitoring is something impossible to do with an actual key.

    Unless you have CCTV cameras in your home that you can look at all the time, it’s impossible to keep track of who goes in or out.

    Smart locks can serve as a solution to this problem.

    Whenever there are activities in your doorway, you can set your phone to receive a notification instantly.

    Guest pass

    Can you imagine having a guest that needs to wait for you when you’re not around?

    Having a smart lock can allow guest access for your visitor.

    You can set a specific combination and inform your guest about it.

    Once they arrive at your place and you’re not there, they can input the passcode and let themselves in.

    Integrated smart home system

    Smart locks are usually part of smart home systems.

    It means that the security of your house is part of a more extensive innovative system that makes your home convenient.

    You can access the locks within the household but lessen safety risks from the outside.

    You can connect many gadgets that add other additional functions to your home.

    Who can you call to install a smart lock?

    A smart lock system is a big upgrade from traditional locks.

    It’s a actually a different medium than an actual key and lock in your place.

    We know it’s a big investment for you to make, but when you choose to upgrade your home, we are guaranteeing it will be worth your while.

    Vaughans Locksmith has a team of residential locksmiths you can count on for smart lock integrations.

    Should you install a smart lock?

    If you value convenience and safety at the same time, it’s one of the most worthy investments you can make in life.

    Contact us for lock upgrade services in Vaughan.

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