Keyless Entry Systems: Why They’re Ideal For Your Business

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    Keyless Entry Systems

    A conventional lock and key security have a basic function.

    You use an actual key, slide it into the keyhole and turn the knobs open.

    You have access to your home only through a piece of metal that you carry around anywhere.

    However, modern innovations in security include a system that uses locks and keys without using actual keys.

    It seems ironic that you don’t need to open your locks by the only thing that is supposed to open them.

    This system is called a keyless entry system, and it’s available in the market for installation and lock upgrades.

    Keyless entry systems are modern solutions to business security.

    It’s ideal if you want to run a business, but you want only the authorized people to access the commercial space.

    It gets you weary thinking about past employees running around with a spare key in their hold.

    The security of your business is at stake at any time.

    Security should always be a priority in the place of business or workplace.

    Setting up a keyless entry system is not an ordinary job.

    Only professional locksmiths should put up the keyless entry system in your business.

    In this case, we are present to give you services that include the installation of such systems.

    You don’t need to look for anyone else in Vaughan.

    Vaughans Locksmith is present to give you the works.

    We are also here to explain what a keyless entry system is and why they’re ideal for your business.

    How does a keyless entry system work?

    A keyless entry system is an electronic lock system.

    You still have locks in the door frame and door latches or doorknobs present.

    However, other devices are the access points to the lock.

    You don’t need to manually put in a key and turn it into the latch.

    Devices such as key fobs, keypads, and even your smartphone can control the locks.

    The devices eliminate the necessity for actual keys and lessen key-related issues related to the locks.

    What are the benefits of a keyless entry system to business?

    Because the electronic locks don’t need to have keys, the most significant benefit is convenience.

    You can also grant limited and necessary control of locks to employees and other authorized people.

    Accessibility is also a significant benefit for the keyless entry system, especially if you have people working in the business and you’re not around.

    Key fobs

    Key fobs are devices that work in proximity to the lock.

    You can use the fobs to open or close the doors of the commercial space via tapping controls.

    The key fobs are similar to car key fobs that you can use from a distance for faster unlocking.

    This device is ideal across all businesses and makes device authorization simpler.

    Keypad access

    Keypad access makes use of actual keypads and combination codes for door entrance.

    Input the access code via the keypad for the doors to work.

    If you have a business, all you need to do is tell your employees the code to enter work.

    You can change it to limit access if one of your team decides to say goodbye.

    Smart locks

    A smart lock is part of a more extensive smart security system that most businesses benefit from.

    With a constant connection to WIFI or Bluetooth, you can control the locks even from a remote distance.

    All you need to do is input the function via your smartphone.

    A smart lock maximizes security via integrations with other electronic devices such as cameras, surveillance devices, and alarms.

    How much does it cost to upgrade your business locks into keyless entry?

    There is no one price for any keyless entry system.

    You can consult with manufacturers regarding the models and brands, but you need to talk to commercial locksmiths for services.

    It’s a big investment for your business to put up keyless entries, but the features often outweigh the costs.

    In the long run, it’s best to transition to smart systems that make business management more seamless.

    Who can you call for keyless entry system installations and services?

    We are Vaughans Locksmith, and we give professional locksmith services for your keyless entry systems.

    If you are still deciding about the upgrade, you can always schedule a consultation with us.

    We can give you the best advice and security measures for your business so you can always be at ease even if it’s not your day to go to work.

    As a business owner, heavy-duty protection is necessary for your business.

    Contact us for a lock service or book a job with us when you finally find the electronic locks you want to install.

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